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The digital transformation journey of Touch Bank and CheBanca!

Yesterday we hosted our latest webinar, ‘The Journey to Digital Transformation: The Real Life Examples of Touch Bank and CheBanca!’ and we are very happy we registered a new record high of attendees. An over an hour interactive session, our webinar featured Andrei Kozliar, the CEO of new, digital- and mobile-only bank in Russia –  Touch Bank and Antonio Fratta Pasini, Head of CRM and Omni-channel for CheBanca!, recognized as the Best Digital Bank in Italy for customer satisfaction. Touch…

Thinking Future Money and Social Media Compliance [TWIEB #8]

Welcome to another busy week in Engagement Banking. It’s useful, especially for banks, to think about what money will ‘become’ as so many aspects of our world go digital. Dave Birch at Consult Hyperion has posted an insightful article this week detailing his thoughts on just that. Meanwhile, Bank Innovation addresses the need for financials to develop social media compliance rules for this regulation intense environment. Other highlights include a video of the Starbucks award-winning mobile payment app and, finally,…