Bank Innovation 2013

On March 18 and 19, 2013 Backbase is attending and presenting at Bank Innovation 2013 held in San Francisco, United States.

Bank Innovation 2013 will explore the future of the customer experience in banking.

The advancement of multi-channel banking has meant that banks must redouble their efforts to deliver seamless and superlative customer experience. Banks must think more comprehensively about their banking channels and how they can better-position their products and brands for success. At Bank Innovation 2013, we will explore just how that is done — and can be improved.

Since Bank Innovation 2013 is an invitation-only event, our attendee list will bring together the disparate communities within bank customer experience management — bankers, VCs, startups and service providers – for meaningful dialogue about how to bridge together the breadth of innovative banking channels into holistic offerings for consumers. Not surprisingly, technology plays a central role in this revolution in banking, technology that is often sparked by startups. New technologies from will be front and center at Bank Innovation 2013.

A stepping stone to more holistic banking is a redesigned financial institution not tied to legacy methods of account acquisition and servicing, and even to traditional views of what constitutes “success.” We aim at Bank Innovation 2013to break some of those chains by exploring what new  banks can and should look like. This is the Future of Customer Experience.

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