“Sara Palmbush”

Banks Look for Love in All the Right Places [TWIEB # 35]

This Week in Engagement Banking, American Banker discusses how to make love to your customers, or ehem, rather, how to make your customers love you. Meanwhile, in Australia, the St. George Bank is successfully keeping its customers out of its bank branches with interesting mobile initiatives.  Also this week: “They should know more about me than my wife by now,” that’s NetBanker’s Jim Bruene in an article on the site where he mentions his long-standing Bank of America relationship and…

An Banking Exec’s Lessons from a Detour in the Software Industry & the Mobile Security vs Convenience Question [TWIEB #34]

This Week in Engagement Banking, American Banker details the experience of an banking executive who takes a turn into the software industry and learns some important lessons to bring back to banking. We also see how Standard Charter is marketing its mobile apps and, finally, there’s an important article about the conundrum of mobile security versus customer convenience. American Banker Stint at Tech Firm Opens Community Banker’s Eyes Robin Robeson found at least two big benefits to taking a detour…

No Payoff for Banks with Good Customer Service? [TWIEB #33]

This Week In Engagement Banking we’ve got a link to a article in The New York Times that asks: is the focus on customer service paying off for banks or instead serving to distract them from their real purpose. Meanwhile, Consult Hyperion takes on the doubters who say mobile payments are a waste of effort. The New York Times Bank Analyst Sees No Payoff in a Customer-Friendly Focus First came the unhelpful bank tellers. Then the unexplained monthly fees. Then…

New Tech Partnerships Spark Innovative Thinking in the Banking Industry [TWIEB #32]

This Week in Engagement Banking, Aite Group dissects the Square-Starbucks partnership and expresses what the pairing really means for mobile payments. Meanwhile, American Banker (in a video) discusses the PayPal-Discover match-up and its impact on other, traditional, credit card companies, and, The Financial Services Club Blog has an entry with the most innovative financials of the moment. Also: Bank Innovation highlights some of the most interesting financial applications to win a recent competition it sponsored. You’ll be impressed! Aite Group…

From Artificial Intelligence to E-Receipts – Banks Aim to Unravel the Customer Satisfaction Mystery [TWIEB #31]

This Week in Engagement Banking there’s an article highlighting how Artificial Intelligence is being used by some banks to better understand customers, as well as the slightly less sexy, but still useful, report that Wells Fargo is now issuing e-receipts in its branches. As you can see, there’s quite a distance between vision and reality in Fintech these days. Also this week TechCrunch posts an interesting look at the ‘race to the bottom’ for the tablet industry. Could it be…