The TWIEB Series Goes Out With a Bang: A Look Back at Engagement Banking in 2013

In the very last TWIEB from the Backbase Blog, we take a look back at the biggest engagement banking stories that have caught our attention each month. In 2014 we’ll be back with a new, fresh take that keeps you up to date with everything happening in the world of omni-channel customer experiences and portal innovation.


Banking Leaders Predict Major 2013 Trends / Jim Marous

Jim Marous gathers predictions from almost fifty banking industry and thought leaders, to give you a glimpse into the potential future.


Online Banking 2.0: Getting Visual / The Financial Brand

A nice little overview of how engagement banking practices and tools like PFMs are finally being rolled out by banks and credit unions around the world.


Born Lean: Why Lean Portals Work / CMSWire

A thoughtful piece from Backbase CEO Jouk Pleiter on Lean Portals and their rapid expansion into the financial marketplace.


Banks Must Ditch Legacy IT / Information Week

Accenture’s Global Marketing Manager of Banking Practise, Juan Pedro Moreno, dishes on why banks’ legacy systems aren’t able to deliver a customer-centric online experience and won’t be able to fend off competition from new competitors who can.


Bank of America’s Mobile Logins Now Outnumber Online Logins / Bank Innovation

For the first time more customers logged on to Bank of America’s mobile platform than its online one. Senior Vice President of Mobile Solutions, Marc Warshawsky confirmed the bank’s commitment to mobile, saying “If you can do it in a banking center, if you can do it in a call center, if you can do it online, you have to be able to do it on mobile.”


Consumers Calling the Shots in Mobile Banking / American Banker

Panelists at the Mobile Banking and Commerce Summit discuss how today’s customers are not shy in coming forward about what they want from mobile banking experiences, and how continuous innovation is key to being successful.


Connecting Experts to Customers with Omni-channel Delivery / Cisco

A look at how today’s customers expect to be able to have the same level of immediate and personal service no matter which channel they are interacting through.


Challenger Brands & Disruptive Ideas: Learning from the NeoBanks / The Financial Brand

Financial marketing tips and tricks from the likes of Moven, Simple and GoBank.


Networking & Social Media: Foundations of Customer-Centric Banking / BankTech

Banks can leverage social networks to manage relationships, improve branding, map customer behavior, and more in order to create a more customer-centric model.


How to get the Most out of Mobile Banking Apps / BankTech

Mobile first customers expect more from banks than a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to start differentiating their offerings they are going to have to break down internal silos and let marketing into IT.


Tradtional Banks at Risk Due to Digital Disruption / Jim Marous

Finanial Marketing Strategist, Jim Marous, breaks down two recent Accenture reports to show how banks are already feeling the heat from digital disruptors.


Legacy FinTech Providers Must ‘Open Up’ for Banks to Innovate – Bradley Leimer, Mechanics Bank / BANKNXT

In the first of a two-part series Bradley Leimer opens the lid on innovation at Mechanics Bank. The series ends next week with his thoughts on what banks can expect in 2014 and beyond.

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