Revisiting Mobile Banking with Forbes, Customers Feel Abandoned, Collaboration Fosters Innovation, Loyalty and Technology Feed Walled Share, and 7 Tips About Apps [TWIEB #96]


Mobile Banking – Take Two / Forbes

Forbes returns to check the pulse of mobile banking with a look at what the second and third generation attempts are doing differently.

Half of All Consumers Feel Undervalued by Their Bank / The Financial Brand

People across Europe and the U.S. feel undervalued, and under-served by theirwith their banks according to a research from Ipsos Mori.

Social Collaboration for Innovation / BAI Strategies

Financial institutions with a thirst for innovation are learning how to collaborate internally to foster a new ideas.

The Virtuous Circle Connecting Loyalty, Technology, and Share of Wallet / American Banker

A massive study of 117,937 banking customers undertaken by Bain shows a direct correlation between loyalty, digital usage, and share of wallet.

7 Things Every CIO Should Know About Mobile App Development / Finextra

A very tidy round-up of what’s happening around app development, and some thoughts on what to watch out for.

Prue Duggan

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