Compliance Meets Customer Experience, Digital Disruption Rages On, Quotes from those in the Know, More Digital Competition, and Digital Natives are Lost When it Comes to Banks [TWIEB #93]


Why Compliance and Customer Experience Go Hand-in-Hand / BankTech

An interesting take on how changing compliance processes shouldn’t negatively impact customer experience and what banks can do about it.

Tradtional Banks at Risk Due to Digital Disruption / Jim Marous

Finanial Marketing Strategist, Jim Marous, breaks down two recent Accenture reports to show how banks are already feeling the heat from digital disruptors.

Notably Quotable: Financial Marketers Earn Respect with Data / The Financial Brand

Straight from the horses mouth – tips from financial marketers on how to be heard and taken seriously by the higher-ups.

Banks Don’t have much Time to Embrace Digital Model / BankTech

Non-tradtional financial models like Dwolla and Square are changing the banking model – what can banks do to defend their territory?

Young who have no Idea Where their Bank is: One in Six 18 to 30-Year Olds Admit They Have Never Visited / Daily Mail

Not where we usually find our banking news but a not unexpected confirmation on digital natives and banking nonetheless.

Prue Duggan

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