Enjoyable Banking, Engagement Enables Omni-Banking, the UAE is Coming Online, it is Time for Change, and the Golden Era of Mobile [TWIEB #82]


Can Financial Institutions Make Banking More Enjoyable? / The Financial Brand

Kate Feather, EVP at PeopleMetrics, delivers an instightful breakdown of how banks can start making banking more enjoyable and win in the process.

Systems of Engagement are Key Enablers for Omnibanking / Perficient

Omni-channel is the latest buzzword but what does it really mean and how can banks leverage their current systems of engagement, such as mobile and social to turn it into a reality?

Banks Increasingly Investing in Online Banking / GulfNews

More banks in the UAE are entering the innovation arena and coming online with digital and mobile banking tools.

It’s Time for Banks & Credit Unions to Embrace Change / Jim Marous

Jim Marous looks back over 20 years of bank innovation and stagnation while exploring the findings of the latest report from KPMG, Reshaping Banking in a Dynamic Business and Regulatory Climate.

Welcome to the Golden Age of Mobile / Time

While not strictly about engagment banking this piece on the future of mobile and its as yet unrealized potential is well worth a read for anyone interested in customer experience and engagement.

Prue Duggan

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