Mobile Apps, Multi-Channel Strategy, Getting Buried in Data, TechStars in Fintech, Investment Banks Must Get Real, And Online Application FAILS [TWIEB #80]


Today’s Mobile Banking Apps: Table Stakes or Cutting Edge / Jim Marous

Financial marketing gury Jim Marous has been busy online. Earlier this week he posted and insightful piece on multi-channel banking, before following up with this great piece on the state of mobile app innovation from banks.

Mobile Devices Burying Banks in Data / American Banker

Even as mobile presents more opportunities for banks, it also poses new challenges on how to analyze data and achieve the greatest ROI.

Why Google, Apple, and FB Don’t Want to be Banks… / Finextra

Moven founder Brett King on why tech firms are unlikely to want to enter the messy world of banking, and how banks can learn from their example.

Investment Banks Must Provide “Immediate” Service Improvement Says TABB / BankingTech

Analyst firm TABB reports that investment banks must start providing friction-free content and shifting towards more transparent, customer-centric business model or risk extinction.

Online Account Applications: ‘Adopt a Mobile-Centric Philosophy…Now’ / The Financial Brand

With over a quarter of online checking applications unable to complete the process U.S. banks have a long way to go to get their online account applications up to scratch.

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