Fight Offer Fatigue, Focus on the Customer, Mobile Innovation, What Bankers are Thinking About 2014, and Who is Hot on Twitter [TWIEB #75]


Fighting Offer Fatigue with Relevant Offers / Banking Strategies

CEO of Akron, Rob Heiser, delivers some great tips on how bankers can avoid offer fatigue and use real-time data to create highly relevant campaigns.

Customer-Centricity A Long But Worthwhile Journey for Banks / BankTech

A customer-centric approach is all the rage but the truth is it will be a long slow process before banks are able to overhaul the tech, operations, management practices enough to make it a reality.

Innovating through mobile technology / Finextra

Owen Cole on the balance between rolling out new innovations for mobile banking while still maintaining effective back-office operations.

Banking Leaders Discuss 2014 Strategic Planning Priorities / Jim Marous

A fantastic round up on what is top of mind for bankers in 2014, with insights from Brett King, Bradley Leimer, Dominic Venturoo, and many others.

Top 100 Retail Financial Institutions on Twitter / The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand is all about the numbers this week, with several lists of who’s doing what where. Our favorite is this Twitter ranking for the first half of 2013.

Prue Duggan

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