First Trade Union Bank Levels Up, Mobile Overtakes for ING, Insight into the Future of Banking, Transformation, and Customer Experience [TWIEB #73]


First Trade Union Bank Releases Payment and Loyalty App Built on the LevelUp Platform / Bank Innovation

Boston based First Trade Union Bank takes mobile payment innovation to the next level with new payments and loyalty app.

Mobile Set to Overtake Web at Online Bank ING Direct / Finextra

ING Direct in Australia saw a whopping 280% increase in mobile transaction in 2012. The increase coincided with a new mobile app that made viewing and transferring funds super easy.

Embrace the Internet to Determine the Future of Banking / BankingTech

Credit Suisse’s Head of Research for Private Banking & Wealth Management, Giles Keating, on why the true impact of the internet has yet to be revealed.

Putting Transformation First for CRM / Banking Strategies

Experiential innovator, Mark Ruckman reminds us that banks must create a customer-centric approach before implementing new technologies. Want to brush up on experiential banking? Check out Mark’s Backbase webinar.

All Bank Customer Experience Initiatives are Not Created Equal / Jim Marous

2012’s Banking Blogger of the Year, Jim Marous, discusses the latest research, which shows that banks aren’t investing in customer experience improvements that matter.

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