Deutsche Bank Goes Mobile with Autobahn, Core Technologies Continue to Puzzle, Mobile Makes Customers King and Digital Marketing is a Must [TWIEB #71]


Deutsche Bank Autobahn Goes Mobile / Finextra

Continuing with their focus on digital innovation, Deutsche Bank makes its virtual trading floor app available on the iPad.

The Core of the Technology Puzzle / BankTech

The latest installment in BankTech’s series on modernizing core banking systems delivers two case studies from banks who have taken steps to upgrade and improve customer service in the process.

So What if Chief Marketing Officers Outspend CIOs on Enterprise Tech / ReadWrite

Who should get to blow the budget when it comes tech spend – marketers and technologists are facing off.

Mobile Payments: The Customer is King / BANKNXT

Adam Green on why banks musts get in on the mobile wallet game or risk being squeezed out as early adopters like Square, Lemon and Dwolla give customers what they want – control.

Banks’ Future Hinges on Sharpening Digital Marking Sills / The Financial Brand

A new study from Efma and Wipro finds that banks are worryingly under skilled, when it comes to the even the basics of digital marketing, with only 1 in 8 possessing the necessary knowledge.

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