Self-Service Could Kill, Finovate is Disneyland for Financials, Banks Lag in Social Media Marketing, Data Brings us Closer to Customer-Centricity and Nothing Really Changes [TWIEB #69]


Self-Service Banking Can Kill Intimacy with Customers: ANZ / ZDNet

ANZ’s CTO, Patrick Maes, warns that banks cannot ignore the importance of face-to-face interaction with customers. Like us, he believes that all touchpoints, including branches and call centers, must be part of an omni-channel banking experience.

Musings of a Finovate Virgin (the FinovateSpring 2013 Recap) / BANKNXT

A hilariously insightful piece from Jim Marous as he reflects on what it’s like to take a stroll through ‘The Disneyland of Fintech’ (AKA Finovate) for the first time.

Banks Lag in Social Media, Digital Marketing / BankTech

In a survey of 3,300 banks from 130 countries it has emerged that banks are lagging when it comes to applying digital marketing in social media. We wonder if that’s such a bad thing…

Banking on the User-Centric Experience? Begin with Robust Data and Analytics / Banking Technology

A concise look at the necessity of using data smarter in order to achieve a more customer-centric experience.

20 Years of Change and the Challenge is Still the Same / Financial Services Club

Chris Skinner writes a thoughtful piece on how it will always be a challenge for large institutions to maintain a customer-centric business model but banks that get (and keep) it right will flourish.

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