Playbooks for Mobile and Retail, Small Businesses Want More and Lessons from the Highstreet [TWIEB #66]


The ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ for Banking Transformation / Perficient

Perficient gives some insight into navigating banking trends for 2013 with the key takeaways from their latest e-book: 2013: Bank Transformation Guide.

Small Business Owners Big on Mobile Technology / American Banker

A recent server from Constant Contact finds that the small business sector is ripe for the picking if banks deliver the kind of apps that business owners need.

Building a Winning Mobile Banking Strategy / Jim Marous

Jim Marous delivers an excellent play-by-play on how mobile banking strategies have evolved and dishes the goods on how you too can create a successful strategy.

What’s the Future of Retail Banking? / Huffington Post

Mary Buffet takes a long look at retail banking and concludes that the technological disruption of recent years has changed the face of retail banking for good.

Retail Banks and Insurers can Learn from the High Street/ Finextra

Martin Dempsey, Finextra blogger, looks at what banks should be paying attention to as retailers like HMV set the precedent for failure to adapt to changing customer behaviors.

Prue Duggan

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