Mobile Develops the World while API’s Open it Up, Personalization is Critical but Banks Don’t Get it and Four Metrics that Matter [TWIEB #64]


Mobile Banking Lessons from the Developing World / Bank Innovation

Mobile banking is taking off like Superman in the developing world but despite the entry of mobile-only banks like Moven and Simple, it’s slow to gain traction in the West.

API: Entry Point to the New ‘Open’ World of Banking / BankTech

CeCe Morken from Intuit, wonders how the future of app development and the growing demand for personalization will change banking in the future – and if banks are ready for it.

94% of Businesses Say Personalization is Critical to their Success / Econstultancy

The latest survey from Econsultancy and Monetate finds that personalization drastically impacts business performance with business who have facilitated personalized online experiences for customers seeing a 19% increase in sales.

Banks Fall Short On Delivering Personalized Service for Customers, Study Finds / BankTech

Cisco’s latest study finds that 69% of U.S. customers are willing to give banks more personal information if it meant they would get better service, such as real-time financial advice.

Essential Online Channel Metrics for Financial Marketers / Jim Marous

Melanie Friedrichs from Andera Inc. guest posts on Jim Marous’ Bank Marketing Strategy blog and delivers a nice overview of four different metrics banks can use to track and optimize conversion.

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