Commercial Banking Must Go Mobile, Branches Feel the Squeeze, Citibank Spills its Secret to Success and Facebook Chills Out [TWIEB #63]


What will the Next Generation of Corporate Mobile Banking Look Like? / Wall Street Journal

Mobile business banking is the future according to James Gifas, Head of RBS Citizens Treasury Solutions:”Over one third of smartphone owners in the U.S. are using their devices for personal mobile banking, and consumers want their business banking to be just as convenient.”

Requiem for the Bank Branch? / Bank Tech

Branches are feeling the squeeze as customers flock to the digital channels with over 500 branches closing in the U.S. during the final quarter of 2012.

Why Citibank Eliminated its Digital Marketing Department / Business Insider

Vanessa Colella, North American Head of Consumer Marketing at Citibank, reveals the secret to great digital marketing is canning the consultants and training core staff.

Banks Must Ditch Legacy IT / Information Week

Accenture’s Global Marketing Manager of Banking Practise, Juan Pedro Moreno, dishes on why banks’ legacy systems aren’t able to deliver a customer-centric online experience and won’t be able to fend off competition from new competitors who can.

Financial Marketers Benefit Big as Facebook Quietly Eases Rules / The Financial Brand

As Facebook relaxes its rules for company profile pages, The Financial Brand dishes
on how you can start cashing in on free advertising.

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