News from Bank Innovation 2013, Calls from Analysts for Financials to Adapt, Online-Only Banks Begin Winning More Market Share and Where Banks Can Learn How to Get Customers To Fill Their Shopping Carts[TWIEB #59]


6 Big, Hairy Innovation Ideas from Bank Innovation 2013 / Bank Innovation

Some interesting takeaways for anyone who couldn’t make it to the latest edition of Bank Innovation’s annual conference in San Francisco.

Adaptation is Key for Banks to Succeed /

Equifax’s latest report supports the general feeling in the industry that ‘banks need to change how they define themselves internally and externally and adapt their mindset, operations, products and services to better meet customers’ evolving wants and needs’.

Online-Only Banks Start to Yield More Than a Virtual Advantage / The Wall Street Journal

Should traditional bricks-and-mortar banks start looking over their shoulders? The WSJ reports that online-only banks have already 4.2% of deposits in their pockets and consumer interest is growing rapidly.

Research and Markets: Next-Generation Online Banking: Mobile, PFM, and Bill Pay /

The latest research from Mercator finds that online banking is in transition as banks slowly shift from transaction thinking to more customer-centric interaction thinking.

How to Win the Mobile Wars: Nudging NOT to Buy / Bank Innovation

A great article on what banks can learn from the big retailers who have already proved they know how to sell.

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