Social Students, Contextual Targeting, Great Web Designs and Portal’s Were Born to be Lean [TWIEB #58]


How Financial Marketers Can Hit The Bullseye With Contextual Targeting / The Financial Brand

Backbase CEO Jouk Pleiter on the contextual targeting tool of Bank 2.0 Portal, with some actual examples of campaign management of a bank or credit union.

For Students, Banking 2.0 Involves Social Media / KMBZ.Com

As small innovators like Waspit, an interactive social media banking platform come online, students are turning their backs on more traditional ‘brick and mortar’ banks.

50 of the Most Spectacular Website Designs in Banking / The Financial Brand

An excellent collection of spectacular website designs for banks – well worth taking some time to explore.

Born Lean: Why Lean Portals Work / CMSWire

A thoughtful piece from Backbase CEO Jouk Pleiter on Lean Portals and their rapid expansion into the financial marketplace.

Banks Need to Start Seeing Themselves as Consumer Experience Agents / BANKNXT

Daniel Gusev posts a philosophical on why banks need to start focusing on customer experience and reshaping ‘economic relationships towards improving quality of life.’

Prue Duggan

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