Every Channel Counts, the Unbanked Demand Control and Russia Starts Eyeing Up Banking Techs [TWIEB #57]

Twieb 57

The Future of Multichannel Banking / Bank Systems & Technology

Technologists from leading banks across the globe discuss how banks must provide diversified digital channel experiences to meet customers needs.

Reaching the Underbanked? Try Offering Control, Research Says / American Banker

The latest research shows that in order to win over the great unbanked, banks must empower customers by delivering the products they need and use, such as re-loadable bank cards.

Tablet Banking Demands Specialized User Experience: Report / Bank Systems & Technology

BST continues its multi-channel theme with a piece on how tablets are used in an entirely different ways then smartphones and desktops.

Mobile Banking Technologies Catch on in Russia / Russia Beyond the Headlines

Russian banks are watching the latest developments in online technologies very carefully. There seems to be a split between those who are ready to wade in and those who want to see what works first.

Mastering the Digital Marketing Basics / The Guardian

A quick overview of some digital marketing techniques you should always keep sharp.

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