Imagine an Experience Economy, Can Retail be Revived, How Does the Net Promoter Score Really Rate and is Video Finally a Digital Star? [TWIEB #56]


Reimagining Bank Product Design in the Experience Economy / BANKNXT

J.P. Nichols’post on the experience economy discusses the need for a holistic
approach to banking, where banks guide customers through their financial life to
successful transformation.

Ready for Retail Revival / banking technology

A look at how retail banks must transform in order to differentiate themselves or
be out maneuvered by those that catch on faster to the wins that can be made through

Credit Unions and Innovation / Snarketing

The often hilarious and always insightful Ron Shevlin shares his take on just how innovative
credit unions are or rather aren’t.

Should Financial Marketers Measure Net Promoter Scores? / The Financial Brand

Net Promoter Scores – everyone loves them but do they really mean what we think they mean
and are they pointing banks in the wrong direction?

Improving Bank Onboarding, Cross-Selling and Retention With Personalized Video / Jim Marous

Leading digital marketing strategist Jim Marous on why video is finally coming in to its own on the digital channels.

Prue Duggan

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