It’s Game On in Europe but not the U.S and How to Keep Up with Customers on the Mobile Channel [TWIEB #54]


How to Keep Mobile Banking from Becoming a Bust / American Banker

As mobile banking continues to gain traction, how can banks maintain and strengthen their digital mobile channels without going overboard?

Beware the Big Erros of ‘Big Data’ / Wired

Big Data continues to anger on inspire. This week Wired jumped in with a thoughtful piece on the potential for seeing patterns where there aren’t any.

Banks Make Smartphone Connection / The Wall Street Journal

The Journal takes a good look at how the financial industry has reacted to the rise of the smart phone and what we can expect in the future.

Gamification: Are Banks Ready to Play? / BankTech

European banks have seen great success in improving customer engagement through gaming apps, so why are U.S. banks so cautious about joining in the fun?

Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Essential in 2013 / Chief Marketer

We’re always happy to have a list in our round up list, so here’s some reminders on why digital marketing is a must.

Prue Duggan

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