Are Banks’ Outdated Systems Crumbling Under Customer Expectations and is Big Data Finally Living Up to its Hype? [TWIEB #53]


Why banks are likely to face more software glitches in 2013 / BBC

The Beeb uncovers something we’ve known all along: unless banks can find some way to drag their bloated software systems into the 21st century, they’re only going to find it more and more difficult to deliver.

Consumers want more from mobile banking apps / BizReport

BizReport chimes in with a report from U.S. customer interaction management firm, Varolii, finding that customers are frustrated with mobile banking apps built using second generation software.

What Mobile Banking Means to Banks / Bank Innovation

Do banks realize that delivering excellent mobile banking services isn’t just great for customers, but also provides exciting new opportunities for gaining customer insight, increasing revenue and customer loyalty?

‘Banks need to look to John Lewis to rebuild trust’ / Marketing Week

Last week’s Brand Finance event saw many industry leaders acknowledging the need for financials to follow in the steps of leading retailers and engage with customers on every channel to rebuild trust.

Banks Using Big Data to Discover ‘New Silk Roads’ / Wall Street Journal

An insightful piece from the Journal with a look at how America’s four largest banks are turning theory into action and starting to unlock the power of big data.

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