Visa Europe Zeroes in on Mobile, Big Data Makes us Happier, Forecasts Go Digital, Marketers Get Savvy and Brett King Keeps it all in Context [TWIEB #50]


The Future of Banking Is All About Context: Brett King / American Banker

BTN’s 2012 Innovator of the Year, Brett King, explains why ‘context’ is the next big thing for financials.

With online spending soaring, Visa Europe targets mobile in 2013 / Finextra

Visa Europe prepares to launch its digital mobile in the UK, France and Spain with an eye to cashing in on the EUR202 billion spent online last year.

Finding Serendipity in Big Data / Jim Marous

Movenbank founder, Scott Bales, guest posts on Jim Maroes’ blog with his thoughts on how to get a grip on big data.

Account Balance Forecasts On the Way to E-Banking / American Banker

Banks are making headway on the challenge of making balance forecasts widely available to online account holders.

Data Savvy Marketers Will Own 2013 / CMS Wire

It’s a data-rich digital future for marketers, according to CMS Wire they’ll need to brush-up on their technical know-how to stay in the game.

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