It’s More Apps, More Mobiles and More Predictions as the Number of Mobile Bankers Only Goes Up [TWIEB #49]

Location Analytics Technology Allowing Industries to Refine Consumer Engagement \ Financial Post

As more consumers are won over by the convenience provided by location based apps, location analytics help industries hone their engagement practices.

Banking Leaders Predict Major 2013 Trends \ Jim Marous

Jim Marous gathers predictions from almost fifty banking industry and thought leaders, to give you a glimpse into the potential future.

Retail Banking Predictions & Trends for 2013 \ The Financial Brand

A round-up of any predictions Jim may have missed. From big data to mobile madness and talent shortages; there’s an opinion on everything.

Mobile Banking to Exceed One Billion Users by 2017 \ BankTech

Juniper predicts that up to 15% of all mobile phone users will be banking online by 2017, with the highest penetration coming from the Far East and China, North America and Western Europe.

Beyond Mobile Banking: Building New Consumer Apps \ The Financial Brand

Should banks and credit unions be building fun and engaging mobile apps that go beyond basic banking functions? Or should they just stick to what they know?

Prue Duggan

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