Starting 2013 With Some New Ideas for Marketing and Customer Experience in Banking [TWIEB #48]

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22 Industry Leaders Provide New Year’s Resolutions for Bank Marketers \ Bank Marketing Strategy

Banking industry leaders provide insight into what they believe bank marketers should focus on in 2013. Among which: Improvement of focus, thinking digital and integrating mobile capabilities.

Top 10 Most Popular Bank & Credit Union Marketing Articles Of 2012 \ The Financial Brand

What articles got the most attention from bank and credit union marketing professionals in the last 12 months? Articles on branding, branches, Facebook and mobile topped the most-read stories in 2012.

The Digital Banking Strategist’s Wish List \ Forrester

Forrester conducted an unofficial survey asking their clients in the banking industry for some ideas about their wishes for the new year. Some wishes are quite surprising, especially are those spiced up with pinch of humor in it.

10 Big Ideas For Banking in 2013 \ American Banker

American Banker with 10 ideas slideshow about how start the New Year right, with new ways to think about widening your bank’s customer base, lowering your legal costs, mentoring your executives, maximizing tech investments and more.

Zions Bank Supports its Brand with Holiday Graphics \ NetBanker

Zions Bank congratulates its customers for the new year in a creative and fresh way, just how customers like it. Nice work!

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