Do Consumers Need a Bank Account? If They Do, You Can Still Surprise Them With iPads in Branches and Speedy Response on Social Media [TWIEB #47]

Millions of Consumers Soon Won’t Need a Bank Account \ BANKNXT

Do consumers really need a bank account? Brett King gives couple of examples of thriving alternatives to banks that provide the utility of banking, such as Western Union, PayPal account and even Apple account.

Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking: Global Edition \ Bain & Company

This edition of Bain & Company’s annual survey of consumer loyalty in retail banking covers 150,100 account holders in 14 markets. Two major survey findings—a surge in mobile banking, and tepid loyalty scores given by affluent customers in many markets—highlight the need to tailor digital and physical channels to the priorities of high-value customer segments, and integrate these channels closely with one another instead of running them in parallel.

Aussie Bank Unveils New Social Media Command Centre \ The Financial Brand

NAB announces a promising social media command centre aimed to provide quick responses for customers and to join conversations when NAB image is in question. A promo video included.

Westpac goes paperless with iPads in branch revamp \ ZDNet

Another fresh way to enhance the branch experience – iPads will supplant physical brochures at the branches. Digital brochures can be viewed and emailed to customers via the mobile devices, as well as dedicated digital touchscreens around the shopfronts.

Bank of America’s Plan to Drive Mobile Banking Beyond 12 Million Users \ American Banker

Twelve million mobile banking customers may sound like a satisfactory number, but Bank of America wants more: The bank’s current 12 million mobile subscribers are a fraction of its 58 million total consumer and business customers.

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