Are The New Online-Only Banks a Real Threat? And Can Pinterest Help Financials? [TWIEB #46]

Is it Really That Simple? \ Finextra

You’ve probably heard of Simple, the online-only bank. In this article, some thoughts are raised on ways that banks can handle this type of new “threat”.

Knab Aims To Turn Banking Upside Down (And Backwards) \ The Financial Brand

If you heard of Simple, you probably also heard of Knab, another online-only retail bank, threatening to revolutionize the financial industry. Is it “the bank of tomorrow?” Or just a different flavor of a dish consumers have already been served?

The Case For ‘Progressive Renovation’: Legacy Systems Are Not Equipped for Today’s Multichannel Banking \ Bank Systems and Technology

Traditional players are finding that their legacy IT systems are a real hindrance in the quest to outperform rivals with new technologies. Well-publicized IT glitches such as those experienced by the Royal Bank of Scotland are drawing attention to the very tangible effects of underinvestment in newer technologies, and these kinds of failures could happen at any number of large retail banks globally.

The False Promise of Pinterest for Financial Services \ Experience The Blog

Pinterest, the most popular photo sharing platform, driving lots of driving over the Web. Financial services benefit from it as well? Some thoughts and examples in this post.

US Bank to offer Mobile Photo Bill Pay \ Finextra

Mitek’s Mobile Photo Bill Pay product eliminates the need to manually enter biller and payment information, and allows the customer to make bill payments directly from their mobile device. US Bank will be the first top tier US financial institution to offer this service to customers in early 2013.

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