Work Hard to Implement Bank 2.0 While Thinking of Retail Banking Trends of 2013 [TWIEB #45]

Bank 2.0: From Vision to Reality \ BANKNXT

Banks “Get” the vision of Bank 2.0. Can They Implement? Adjusting yourself to the new banking reality requires you to take major decisions, from changing the organization focus to creating new KPIs.

Five Not-So-Best Practices For Banks On Facebook \ BANKNXT

Five best practices for financials on Facebook, such as “Don’t just talk about banking” and “Show off your good work” are examined one by one. Is it really that simple?

CMO Needs Stronger Alignment With CIO \ Jim Marous

Now more than ever, the Chief Marketing Officer needs to be a multi-tasker, with enhanced technological and customer analysis skills added to their traditional marketing, branding and advertising credentials.

CommBank to launch multiple technology firsts for simpler more convenient banking \ Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank revealed new set of improvements and technologies for the year 2013, among which: Banking services in Facebook, executing loan documents electronically, and a merchant terminal.

Top Five Retail Banking Trends for 2013 \ Banking Strategies

As the year 2012 drawn to a close, people are busy with what 2013 will bring for retail banking. As expected, mobile and social media takes 3 out of 5 in this article.

Daniel Agmon

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