Outside-In Book by Forrester Put Customers First – And Some Banks Already Do That Very Well [TWIEB #43]

Outside-In Book \ Forrester

Outside-In approach is one of the main premises of Backbase Portal. Forrester, in a new book Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, focus on customer experience as a way of doing business. A must known concept for executives and marketers.

Chase Releases Mobile App Aimed at Home Buyers \ American Banker

Chase announced Tuesday a new app designed to help customers buy a home. The new app, which is called My New Home, lets users to search and rate housing options, record notes and videos about housing listings and calculate monthly mortgage payments.

Wells Fargo opens online business credit centre for SMEs \ Finextra

Wells Fargo bank announced the launch of a new Business Credit Center, offering small business owners a free online resource to learn about credit, from developing a strong application to calculating how much financing a business needs. This is a fresh approach of a bank towards its small business prospect customers giving them an enhanced knowledge base. See the resource center here.

Imagining a Cashless Future \ BANKNXT

Should banks prepare for a cashless future? As money moves to the cloud, locality will matter less and less, and community financial institutions sheltered by brick-and-mortar monopolies will face competition from every corner of the country.

How BNP Paribas Drove Customer Acquisition via Facebook on the Anniversary of its Virtual Branch \ Visible Banking

Last week we mentioned the “Like” campaign of First Tennessee Bank on Facebook. BNP Paribas carried out another customer acquisition campaign via Facebook, and the results ? 12,000 new accounts!

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