Customers Embrace New Technology [TWIEB #1]

Welcome back from the holidays! Today we inaugurate Backbase’s, This Week in Engagement Banking; a list of the most interesting, amusing or curious stories, blog posts and reports for Fintech professionals, put into a nicely digestible package at the end of every week.

Google Android Market Tops 400,000
Meanwhile, over at the Distimo Blog they are reporting on Google Android’s 400,000 applications milestone. ‘Android is making enormous gains in terms of app volume as Google’s platform proliferates around the world.  It’s hard to make a direct comparison based on volume alone, as Apple reviews every app while Google does not. But if its pace keeps up, Market could easily be nipping at the App Store’s heels this year.’ The reasons why Android is making these gains is for another blog post, but it is meaningful information for Engagement Banking developers who most certainly are keeping score.

9 Trends Reshaping Risk Software
American Banker’s
Penny Crosman posted an article on trends in risk software and in so doing pointed out some very relevant issues affecting the budgets and concerns of financials in 2012.  “Firms continue to want to chop down the silos and provide more information across disciplines,” says Michael Versace, research director of IDC.

What Will 2012 Bring for the Banking Industry?
The Discerning Technologist, Bradley Leimer, asked what readers thought 2012 would bring to the banking world on resulting in some thoughtful answers like this from a Financial Consultant & Social Banker (Independent) for J.D. Power & Associates, “Clearly Gen X and Gen Y customers comprise the majority of those subscribing to and using social media, but the number of Pre-Boomers and Boomers who do so as well is growing at a considerable rate . . . Banks should be prepared to interact with and satisfy the growing Pre-Boomer and Boomer customers too!”

Some Countries are More Social than Others
And we leave you with this little tidbit from the New York Times: “In the big cities of India and China, it seems, people can’t help being social. Nearly everyone who uses the Internet there is also active on social networks, according to a vast global survey by Forrester Research, and most of them do much more than read and watch what’s posted online. Three out of four of them write blog posts or upload pictures and music.”

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