Shift Happens: Webinar Recap

Renowned FinTech commentator Sam Maule stopped by Backbase to deliver a talk on the changes taking place in payments. Sam, who is also Consulting Manager at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, has identified the key drivers that are powering a shift in the way we think about innovation in payments. Sam used his own personal experiences, as well as some great quotes to underline many of his points. The key message being that we are living through a revolution in payments. He elaborated that over the last few decades we’ve lived through several iterations of similar types of products but it has only been in the last six years that we’ve seen rapid acceleration in innovation. A timeline from The…

Meet Backbase Engage Our Digital Bank in a Box

Today we launched our complete digital banking solution Backbase Engage at NetFinance, the world’s largest conference for financials that want to compete online. Backbase Engage is our out-of-the-box digital banking solution. We created it specifically to meet the needs of today’s banks and credit unions. It includes full support for internet, tablet, and mobile banking. Backbase Engage also delivers omni-channel support, meaning it facilitates cross-channel customer journeys and seamless orchestration with handovers between channels and devices. Its strong focus on user experience guarantees an elegant, Simple-like banking experience for every banks’ customers. “A superior user experience, across all channels and devices, is essential for any bank that wants to stay relevant,” says our CEO & Co-Founder Jouk Pleiter, when asked…

5 Ways Insurers Can Weather Digital Disruption

The rise of the smart phone and tablets has been unstoppable. Now that the flood waters are receding, how can insurers act to give customers the experiences they expect, and insure themselves against death by attrition? All puns aside, the time has come for insurers to acknowledge that they are not immune to the effects of digital disruption. The fact that so few insurers have begun to take steps towards modernizing their digital experiences is understandable; the challenge and cost of changing entrenched processes, overhauling legacy systems, and re-cataloging untold amounts of (hopefully) digitized assets is enough to send anyone rushing off to the calming waters of denial. However, you only have to look at the changes that are sweeping…

Reinventing Customer Engagement: The Winning Model for Banks and Insurers – Webinar Recap

Renowned author and financial services consultant, Roger Peverelli returns to talk about his latest book Reinventing Customer Engagement: The Winning Model for Banks and Insurers. Introducing his new book, Roger spoke about the process and methodology behind their findings. He and co-author Reggy de Feniks wanted to find out what successful customer engagement looked like in a number of industries globally to see if there were lessons and best practices could be applied to the financial services. They made a number of discoveries that surprised them. Roger then went on to reveal the four main reasons why customer engagement is important: 1. Customer engagement is essential to building trust – Engaging with customers means listening to what they say and…

We Won Best of Show at FinovateEurope 2014!

When we presented our new Digital Sales and Enrollment Module at Finovate yesterday we knew the crowd loved it, we just didn’t know how much. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and helped us to win ‘Best of Show’ at FinovateEurope 2014. Read our official press release to find out more about our omni-channel Digital Sales and Enrollment Module, and watch this space; we’ll upload a video of the winning demonstration as soon as its ready.