Yesterday’s webinar: The digital journeys of Touch Bank and CheBanca!

Yesterday we hosted our latest webinar, ‘The Journey to Digital Transformation: The Real Life Examples of Touch Bank and CheBanca!’ and we are very happy we registered a new record high of attendees. An over an hour interactive session, our webinar featured Andrei Kozliar, the CEO of new, digital- and mobile-only bank in Russia –  Touch Bank and Antonio Fratta Pasini, Head of CRM and Omni-channel for CheBanca!, recognized as the Best Digital Bank in Italy for customer satisfaction. Touch Bank and CheBanca! are both examples of financials always at the forefront of innovation, therefore we wanted to find out and share their secret to success: What is needed to start the digitization process today, Their real life story of…

Upcoming webinar with Touch Bank and CheBanca!

In our upcoming webinar, Jouk Pleiter, CEO of Backbase, will talk to two of the most innovative banks in Europe – Touch Bank and CheBanca! Digital transformation is about fundamentally changing how banks attract, interact with and satisfy consumers, and it affects all levels of your organisation. Antonio and Andrei will share real-life examples of digital transformation in our new webinar, which will look at: what was needed to start their digital transformation journeys the key elements for success. Antonio Fratta Pasini is Head of CRM and Omni-channel for CheBanca!, the retail bank of Mediobanca Group, the third largest financial services group in Italy. CheBanca! has always been at the forefront of innovation, from flagship futuristic branches to award-winning banking…

Backbase Connect 2016

Last week we hosted Backbase Connect 2016. Backbase Connect is our annual event in which we bring together partners and customers to share our company’s roadmap, product updates as well as sharing insights and customer success stories. We would like to thank our customers who decided to go up on stage and share their stories: Metro Bank, Che Banca!, PostFinance and Westpac. Also, we would like to thank all the attendees for the event, travelling from all over the world to meet us and attend this year’s edition.  

Webinar: The Uberization of Banking, with Simon Mathews

Yesterday we hosted our first webinar in 2016, ‘The Uberization of Banking’ and we are very happy we reached a record high attendance. Our guest speaker was Simon Mathews, the Chief Strategy Officer at Extractable. Regularly sought after to speak on innovation and experience topics, Simon leads the strategy and digital experience design teams at a leading digital experience design firm based in San Francisco. In this webinar, Simon talks about what banks and financial institutions can learn from Uber and its fellow disrupters in delivering better digital experiences to their customers. The top three takeaways of the webinar are: Innovation can emerge at any layer of banking and the more layers you can deliver on, the better it is…

Launching our new wealth management accelerator at FinovateEurope 2016

Yesterday at Finovate Europe we demoed the latest edition of our Backbase Digital Platform, with a focus on wealth management. With the new wealth management accelerators we enable private banks and wealth managers to provide a superior digital banking experience, on any device, to their affluent and high net-worth customers. Our main point: the past year retail banking got a complete make over, but why does my private banking experience still look likes something created in the 90’s? That is about to change starting today. The response we got from the audience was great, see a highlight of the tweets: #Dutch #fintech @backbase developed #wealthmanagement solution #finovate #PrivateBanking #finovate #FinovateEurope — FINTECH Tours London (@FINTECHTours) February 10, 2016 Good demo from…